We are excited to introduce you to the Kenya Re Training Academy, a premier capacity building center, by Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited (Kenya Re) aimed at enhancing industry knowledge and skills as well as supporting the professional development of our experts. The Kenya Re Training Academy was launched in September 2023 and has been active since then. It targets Kenya Re customers, who will benefit from the initiative, free of charge, through comprehensive trainings on reinsurance and direct insurance products, focused on bridging knowledge gaps in the industry.

Driven by our unwavering commitment to the advancement and development of the industry, the trainings take place in partnership with expert instructors that comprise of internal professionals from Kenya Re pool of staff and external industry experts.  After each successful training, participants are awarded certified certificates. 
Some of the trainings offered at the Training Academy cover Life & Non-life segments including Life Principles of Underwriting, Reinsurance Accounting, Fundamentals of Reinsurance, Claims Management, Retakaful Reinsurance Principles, Intermediate Reinsurance Training – Understanding The Treaty Wording, Intermediate Life Technical, Bancassurance Fundamentals, Microinsurance, Marine Underwriting, Property Insurance Underwriting, Engineering & Bonds and  many other current/emerging topical areas in the insurance and reinsurance sectors such as IFRS 17, ESG, Customer Service as well as Corporate Governance & Leadership. 

We understand that the needs of our clients are unique and are therefore pleased to offer tailor-made training programs to meet your needs. Your success is our success, and we are here to support your journey. Other than tailor-made courses, the Training Academy will be sharing invitations on ongoing programs which we hope that your company will take part in as we strengthen our partnership and commitment to building a resilient (re)insurance industry.

The Corporation's Training calendar for 2024 is available at '2024 TRAINING CALENDAR' - click on this link to open it.

For more information and enquiries on courses available or how to set up specific courses for your company, please reach out to the below:

Manager, Marketing, Business Development & Kenya Re Training Academy Coordinator 
Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited (Kenya Re)

Head Office: 15th Floor, Reinsurance Plaza, Taifa Road, Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi – Kenya. 
Email address: copy to: 
Telephone: +254 703 083 407