Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited (Kenya Re) is the oldest Reinsurer in Eastern and Central Africa. It was established through an Act of Parliament in December 1970 and commenced business in January 1971.

Kenya Re’s core activity is providing reinsurance services for most classes of business.

Since its inception, Kenya Re has progressively and consistently continued to provide reinsurance services to more than 482 companies spread out in over 83 countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Kenya Re is committed to offering world-class reinsurance service. In 2004, the Corporation made an effort to benchmark its services with international standards by subjecting itself to a rating process by an International rating Agency, A. M Best. It was rated B (Fair). The Corporation has successfully maintained this rating to date.

The Corporation is also rated AA+ by Global Credit Rating (GCR).


  1. Growing shareholder's value.
  2. Improving customer centricity.
  3. Improving analytics capabilities.
  4. Leveraging on technology to improve processes.
  5. Growing market share.
  6. Strengthening the human resource capacity.
  7. Strengthening governance practices.
  8. Enhancing Enterprise Risk Management.
  9. Strengthening internal controls.

Statement of Purpose: Seamless Stability


To provide sustainable risk and financial solutions.


A leading partner in securing the future.

Kenya Re pledges that all its organizational activities and decisions will be based on and guided by the following values: