The Corporation, through the Marketing & Business Development department in the Reinsurance Operations Division, has today conducted the inaugural training for interns and attaches on Reinsurance matters. The training was conducted at the Kenya Re Training Academy located at the 17th Floor of Reinsurance Plaza, Nairobi. The training of the interns and attaches is a first since the launch of the Academy in September last year and is a positive step towards embedding the understanding of Reinsurance Operations by all staff in the Corporation. The training also attracted the attendance of staff from other Divisions interested in deepening their knowledge on reinsurance.

The insightful training was excellently facilitated by Ms. Lina Mutitu Nyaga and Mr. Anelick Simon Makokha from the Claims Department who were key in simplifying complex reinsurance concepts for easy comprehension by all.

The training was officially opened by Manager – Subsidiary Coordination/Training – Mr. Phillip Odhiambo Sanda as well as Manager – Marketing & Business Development & Kenya Re Training Academy Coordinator – Ms. Lucy Kagwiria. Assistant Manager - Marketing & Business Development department, Mrs. Susan Kandie also presented a brief overview of the Corporation. Marketing & Business Development staff also attended the session.