Following the celebratory Niko Fiti@10 launch, the initiative was now on a mission to fulfill one objective – to spread the love and spirit of unity through distribution of mobility and assistive devices in Meru region.
The Diocese of Meru Spark (Caritas) in Meru County was the first stop of the distribution this year. The event, which was held on Tuesday 9th November 2021, saw 100 beneficiaries leave with smiles on their faces knowing their lives had been transformed for the better. Folks, both young and old were overjoyed with the early Christmas gift that had come their way.
The next day saw the campaign pitch tent at the Disability Community Centre (DCC) at the heart of Maua Town in Meru County. The team literally lived up to the town’s name – Maua which means flower in English. The Corporation, through the team on the ground, ‘flowered’ the over fifty beneficiaries in attendance with an assortment of mobility and assistive devices such as wheelchairs, polio boots, calipers, standing aids, white canes, walking frames and many others.

The beneficiaries reciprocated the ‘flowery’ love to the ground team and the Corporation at large for the very timely support. They prayed for the Corporation’s prosperity in all its undertakings.