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The Niko Fiti Campaign is the flagship CSR initiative of Kenya Reinsurance Corporation. Over four years, it has touched and changed lives of over 5000 Persons living with Physical Disability (PWDs). Niko Fiti helps them benefit through the provision of assistive and mobility devices as well as mobile vending units in Kenya. 


The campaign is informed by statistics developed by The National Disability Survey covering the number of PWDs and their distribution countrywide, the demographic, socio-economic & socio-cultural characteristics of PWDs, the nature, types and causes of disability in the country, the gender-specific problems faced by PWDs, the coping mechanisms and needs of people with disability and the nature of services and rehabilitation programs needed by type. 


Over the years, the campaign has expanded its wings and gone further and beyond than just providing assistive devices to PWDs. Through its partnership with APDK and the Ministry of Education, the Niko Fiti campaign has pioneered an integration program that will ensure brilliant PWDs get enrolled in national schools such as Lenana School and Moi Girls-Isinya. 

Niko Fiti heads to Embu, Kerugoya and Meru

In the interest of increasing awareness and boost self-worth among persons living with disability, Niko Fiti caravan headed to Embu to positively impact the lives of more beneficiaries. A sensitization campaign through a caravan that created awareness about disability and the needs of PWDs in the community in a bid to completely eradicate stigmatization against persons with disability snaked its way into Embu and Meru Counties on 11th to 13th October 2017 where a total of 746 beneficiaries from received assistive and mobility devices comprising of walking frames, walking canes, wheelchairs, special seats, tricycles and yaya seats. Others include spinal braces, AFO splints, KFO splints, imp wheelchairs and polio boots. 


Speaking at the events, Kenya Re’s Managing Director, Mr. Jadiah Mwarania said that persons with disability are important members of the society and are entitled to every opportunity available, just like any other person in the society. 

Niko Fiti economically empowering persons with disabilities

The Niko Fiti ‘Ability Beyond Disability’ Campaign is a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Kenya Reinsurance Corporation that seeks to empower Persons With Disability to undertake their daily operations with minimal dependency, enable them to have access to education and employment thus resulting in economic growth. This has been achieved through the provision of mobility and assistive devices such as wheelchairs, special seats, try-cycles, canes, crutches, polio boots, urine bags, calipers and prosthesis. 


Since its inception in 2011, the Campaign has touched and changed the lives of over 2000 Persons with Disability in different counties across Kenya, through the provision of  assistive and mobility devices. The campaign has traversed the whole country through 5 caravans in the last 3 years, with a dedicated team that issued the various devices.

Niko Fiti goes to Nyamira and Homa Bay

Niko Fiti — Ability beyond Disability, Kenya Re’s CSR flagship program was in Nyanza region in partnership with the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK) and the Standard Group to distribute mobility and assistive devices comprising of wheelchairs, tricycles, crutches, walking frames, white canes, special seats, yaya seats, polio boots, slates and stylus among others. Since its inception in 2011, the CSR program has benefitted more than 4000 persons living with disability in the country. 

Speaking at the flag off event, Kenya Re Managing Director Mr. Jadiah Mwarania said that stigmatization still exists in our country due to lack of education on disability and the needs of PWDs. He added “This year, Niko Fiti plans to continue lifting the stigma towards persons living with disability countrywide through a caravan that will create awareness and sensitization in the various regions. “This year, the Corporation has organized a 3 phased campaign to reach 1300 persons with disability. The regions will kick off from Kisii region where the distribution will cover Nyamira and Homabay County, Embu Region covering Embu/Kerugoya/Meru/Isiolo and Tans Nzoia region which will cover Entebes, Kiminini, Bungoma, Kwanza and Kapenguria,” he added.

2014 Niko Fiti Campaign

At the beginning of 2014, Kenya Re set aside KSh29 million for the Niko Fiti-Ability beyond disability campaign with the long-term objective of supporting paraplegics and donating assistive devices to special learning institutions that cater for persons with disabilities.


The 2014 edition of the campaign themed Niko Fiti- Ability beyond Disability Journey saw the first caravan headed to Western Kenya flagged off on 2nd July, 2014.  Between 2nd and 4th July, the caravan transversed Kisii, Kisumu and Busia regions distributing assistive devices to 465 beneficiaries - 87 in Kisii, 93 in Kisumu and 285 in Busia. Beneficiaries came from far and wide including counties like: Nakuru, Eldoret, Bungoma, Vihiga, Kakamega, Homabay, Siaya, Migori, Nyamira and Migori.


Niko Fiti team received in Bungoma

Over 200 people living with disability in Bungoma received equipment under the Niko Fiti- Ability Beyond Disability campaign. They were granted 400 assistive and mobility devices worth Ksh l.2 million from Kenya Reinsurance Corporation, Niko Fiti campaign. The equipment included wheelchairs, tricycles, crutches, walking frames, white canes, special seats, yaya seats, polio boots, slates and stylus among others. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Corporate Affairs Manager, Ms. Gladys Some- Mwangi, said, “The program empowers persons living with disabilities to effectively participate in social, economic and academic activities with ease.” She continued, “Persons living with disabilities should be able to receive a proper education and participate in social and economic activities that will help them provide for their families, as well as contribute to the economy of our beloved country.” 


The project, which has benefited over 4,000 people across the country so far, is part of Kenya Re’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Living with disabilities can be challenging. People who do not have any disabilities may find it difficult to understand the plight of those who do. The personal stories of those living with disabilities offered a refreshing perspective on the meaning of life and the ability to endure an entirely new way of living. One such story is that of Henry Makokha, a beneficiary from Busia, who says he regained his self-esteem after he received prosthesis for his right leg that was amputated following a bone infection. As a teacher, he can now concentrate on his students as he is now able to teach full time, which was not possible before he received the prosthesis from Kenya Re. 

Join the campaign

Kenya Re opened a bank account specific for “Niko Fiti” Campaign where all monies donated will be held and disbursed. This will assist in monitoring use of funds and facilitate auditing of the same to allow accountability of the public funds. The Corporation also obtained a mobile money service to enable members of the public to contribute to the campaign.

The Bank Account details are:

Bank: KCB
Branch: Moi Avenue
Account Name: Kenya Re Corp – Niko Fiti A/c
Account Number: 1132291917

Mobile Money account
Mpesa Pay Bill 505601, Niko Fiti Account

You can write a cheque or Mpesa any amounts and join us and make the difference!

Niko Fiti caravan visits Kitale

Niko Fiti, Kenya Re’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, seeks to empower persons living with disability (PWDs) to undertake their daily operations with minimal dependency. This enables them to have access to education and employment thus resulting in economic growth. It is geared towards eradicating the stigma that disabled people face by creating awareness about their condition. Kenya Re has called for increased inclusion and opportunities among people living with disability to enable them to participate in the country’s economic development agenda. 


Speaking with the campaign partners, Kenya Re’s Managing Director, Mr. Jadiah Mwarania, said, “Our social responsibility stems from a national duty that calls for the inclusion of all persons in social and economic activities. Since inception of the project, we have assisted over 4000 Kenyans living with disabilities and it is our hope that, together with our partners, we will advance this further in the coming months.” Disabled beneficiaries in Kitale were given 250 assistive and mobility devices through the Niko Fiti – Ability Beyond Disability campaign. 

The Campaign Launch and Fundraising

The Corporation officially launched the “Niko Fiti” Ability Beyond Disability, Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign on November 3rd 2011 at an event officiated by the Vice President of Kenya, Hon Kalonzo Musyoka. During the launch assistive devices comprising of 15 wheel chairs, 3 tricycles, 2 cushions, 1 walking Frame, 2 crutches, 5 white canes and 50 boxes of incontinence urine bags were distributed to 78 beneficiaries through Organizations of Persons with Disabilities. The beneficiaries were derived from a needs assessment exercise that had been carried out by Kenya Re in conjunction with Association of the Physically Disable of Kenya (APDK). The devices facilitated their mobility and enabled them to bolster their social and economic stature.

Economic inclusion drive for people living with disabilities in Eldoret

It is with no doubt that the 300 beneficiaries from Eldoret County were overjoyed after receiving the mobility and assistive devices. This is in appreciation to the NIKO FITI – Ability Beyond Disability campaign. This is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by Kenya Reinsurance Corporation in partnership with the Association of the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK). The distribution was held on 7th October 2016 at 64 stadium.


The provision of the mobile vending units, canes, stylus and diapers will go a long way in achieving personal mobility. Access to these devices is a precondition for achieving equal opportunities, enjoying human rights and living in dignity. Disability increases the possibility of falling into poverty by being excluded from participation in development initiatives.  In this regards, Kenya Re in conjunction with APDK conducted a two-day training workshop for the beneficiaries to equip them with various skills which will enable them to start their own businesses seamlessly.

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