Shariah Supervisory Board

1. Prof. Mohamed Salim Badamana

 The Shariah Supervisory Board is chaired by Prof. Badamana. Prof. Badamana is currently the Chairman, Department of Animal Production at the University of Nairobi. He has also been the Director of World Assembly of Muslim Youth – East Africa and has taught Islamic law at the University of Nairobi Department of Philosophy and Religious studies.


For the last nine years, Prof. Badamana has been running Islamic programmes in the national broadcaster – Kenya Broadcasting Station. He also delivers Quranic exegesis lectures in the month of Ramadhan at various mosques in Nairobi. He obtained his Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition and Master of Science in Animal Production from Reading University (UK). He has a second Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy from Khartoum University. Prof. Badamana has a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from Mosul University in Iraq, and a Diploma in Animal Husbandry from Egerton College. He has participated in various Islamic conferences and written numerous Islamic articles including authoring a book titled: Hadithi Arubaini Nawawi, Tafsiri na Sherehe yake.


2. Dr. Mohamed Mohamud Ali

Dr. Ali lectures Islamic Economics and Finance at the Thika Islamic College (Proposed Umma University). He is an advisory board member of Bayan Center of Islamic Financial Engineering, an international institution established as one of the supporting institutions for Islamic Finance industry and based in Khartoum, Sudan. Dr. Ali publishes weekly on and on bi-annual Da’wa Magazine of International University of Africa, Sudan. He holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Economics from Nilien University, a Master of Science in Banking and Finance from Sudan University of Science and Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from International University of Africa, Sudan.


3. Dr. Mwanakombo M.H. Noordin

Dr. Noordin currently works as the Director of Moi University Coast Campus. She is in charge of coordinating all campus operations, administrative and academic programmes. She is a senior lecturer at Moi University where she teaches Kiswahili language and literature. She has also coordinated the School of Arts and Social Sciences programmes both at the university’s Nairobi and Mombasa campuses. She has a Bachelor of Education degree, Master of Philosophy degree in Kiswahili studies and Doctor of Philosophy degree in Islamic Feminism, all from Moi University. Dr Noordin has been a fellow of The Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA) at Northwestern University, USA. Dr. Noordin has published extensively and presented papers in various conferences in Kenya, Cameroon and Tanzania. 


4. Dr. Abdulkadir Hashim

Dr. Hashim is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at University of Nairobi. He holds a Doctoral degree in Law from University of Western Cape, South Africa, a Masters in Law degree in comparative law from the London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London) and Bachelors of Law degree in Sharia and Law from Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan. He has completed the Advocates Training Programme (ATP) in 2012 at the Kenya School of Law.


He has extensive experience in Sharia law and has served as the Muslim Chaplain at the University of Nairobi, Head of Department of Sharia at Zanzibar University, and as a lecturer in various universities in Kenya and Zanzibar. Dr. Hashim has published extensively on the application of Muslim Personal law and written papers on education and Muslim intellectual contributions in the East African coast. He has consulted for various organisations like National Cohesion and Integration Commission, Commission for Higher Education, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, United Nation Children’s Fund and the Islamic Scientific Educational and Cultural Organisation.


Shariah Coordinator

Mohamud Mohamed Omar is a Shariah practitioner who comes with a solid academic background in Islamic Finance. Omar is a Certified Islamic Finance Executive from Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance (CIFE) from Dubai. . He is also a CPA (K) finalist.


Before joining Kenya Re, Omar has been working with First Community Bank Limited as an Assistant Manager Sharia Audit and Gulf African Bank as a Sharia Auditor ,the only two fully fledged Islamic banks in Kenya.


He is the secretary to the Shariah Supervisory Board at Kenya Re Retakaful. 


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